Electrical Box Sock

Not good at hiding, better get on his way

Soccer Fan Sock

Maybe he wants to be coach, maybe he’s just reliving his own playing days

College Library Sock

Away at college, half way to adult sock hood 

Baltimore Sock

Found a short cut to the Inner Harbor possibly? 

Dryer Sock

This is where most people believe the first step in travel (escape) happens. Not normally true, but it is for this one. – Orlando

Bus Stop Sock

  An easy way to travel, not always convenient, but a great way to go.

Sorority House Socks

They went to a sorority house party together. 

Black PolkaDot Sock

Behind the school, down the back street, this little one is making her getaway

Snake Sock

Striped and sliding through the grass

Beach Clean up Sock

A beautiful trip to the beach- Thank you for the guest post EK