Car shop sock

Guest post from RT Tampa Advertisements

Post Irma Sock

“On the corner of Drew and Mercy in Clearwater. Found near a basketball court. Maybe lost after Irma” Guest Post from EF! 

Tuft sock

Doesn’t need much shade for a little rest 

Post Hurricane Laundrymat Visit

After a hurricane, you may not have electricity, but you will have a lot of dirty laundry. And one of your socks may escape because there were two many people stressed out and… Continue reading

Side walk out of Irma

Getting out before the outbands 

Underpass Sock

Sock evacuating. Maybe he’ll stay under here for the storm. #Irma 

Midnightwalk sock

Maybe a storm is brewing but tonight he’s just going to walk the neighborhood and not worry yet

Sunny sidewalk sock

Nice sunny afternoon for a journey in Tampa. And another great guest post from RT 

Crosswalk Sock

  Not jaywalking in #Tampa- guest post from RT! 

Berkeley Drain

Guest post from the adventures of #supercouple- University Ave, Berkeley, CA