Biker wannabe

If he’s going riding, he’s going to need better gear.  Advertisements

Chancla goes hiking

The family of chanclas, don’t do much hiking. This one braved the trail though. It’s a beautiful time to hike in the #SmokeyMountains. 

Football Fan Sock

An #Atlanta #Falcon Fan watching the game at his local bar.  Had to get out and get some fresh fall air.  

Hurricane Debris Sock

Out to see all the #Irma debris piles in the #Miami neighborhood

Curb hugger

Pine cone companion

The sock and the pinecone went for a walk 

By the hurricane shutter light

Why is he up there? #Miami #Irma 

Car shop sock

Guest post from RT Tampa

Post Irma Sock

“On the corner of Drew and Mercy in Clearwater. Found near a basketball court. Maybe lost after Irma” Guest Post from EF! 

Tuft sock

Doesn’t need much shade for a little rest