Chancla goes hiking

The family of chanclas, don’t do much hiking. This one braved the trail though. It’s a beautiful time to hike in the #SmokeyMountains.  Advertisements

Football Fan Sock

An #Atlanta #Falcon Fan watching the game at his local bar.  Had to get out and get some fresh fall air.  

Hurricane Debris Sock

Out to see all the #Irma debris piles in the #Miami neighborhood

Curb hugger

Pine cone companion

The sock and the pinecone went for a walk 

By the hurricane shutter light

Why is he up there? #Miami #Irma 

Car shop sock

Guest post from RT Tampa

Post Irma Sock

“On the corner of Drew and Mercy in Clearwater. Found near a basketball court. Maybe lost after Irma” Guest Post from EF! 

Tuft sock

Doesn’t need much shade for a little rest 

Post Hurricane Laundrymat Visit

After a hurricane, you may not have electricity, but you will have a lot of dirty laundry. And one of your socks may escape because there were two many people stressed out and… Continue reading