Sock Explosión in Berkeley

 Guest post from Berkeley, CA- Sock party or Sock explosion??  Thanks for capturing the action Kaylie Advertisements

Rainbow Beach Flipflops

Under a rainbow on Hollywood beach 

Daytona Beach Sock

After a long day of surfing, just walk the streets. People live here. Socks adventure here. 

Bridge To Beach Sock

Almost over the bridge to the beach- New Smyrna Beach. 

Middle of the Road Sock

Just a middle-of-the-road kind of guy 

Emory Sock

Escaping from a dorm laundry at #Emory University 

Rumba Festival Sock

Found on the way into a Rumba Fest in Wynwood. He’s definitely not dressed appropriately. But sometimes that happens when you’re traveling. 

Poolside Socks

Socks don’t really like to go swimming, but relaxing on the pool deck is nice #lostsock #poolside 

State Park Sock 

Found in a Tennessee State Park.  Guest Post from SA! 

Fetch Sock

Trying to get in on the game of fetch disguised as one of the dogs