St Patrick’s in Savannah Sock

These two were out celebrating with the crowds in Savannah, GA. 

Strip Mall Sock

Dead strip mall side of the parking lot

Gasparilla Festival Sock

He’s more sandy than salty but he wishes he were a pirate. Everyone does this weekend in Tampa

Highway Hitchhiking

 A highway-stopping accident might be an excellent opportunity for a ride to somewhere new

Marina Sock

Heading to the marina for a day on the bay

Wash and Dry Sock

Super escape sock takes the first leap away from the automat. Camouflage helps too

Roadside ball

Winter wonderland white sock saddled up by the roadside

Guest Post- from a Beach Cleanup

Ocean gifts, Beach day, New friends, Fresh air.  Thanks for the Guest post EK

Midtown Couple

Just a couple of babes in midtown, a little shopping, some dinner, might get a couple’s massage

Scuba from Key West Sock

After a day of scuba, she went to check out the run factory and was very impressed.