Canal Bridge Sock

Just a quick jump into a canal, and away from Belle Glade you might travel 

Middle-school Classroom Sock

Guest post from a Middle School language arts teacher

Sock to Work

Outside the Back to Work office, this guy might just need a shower and a resume 

Train hopping Sock

You can travel much of the world on trains. Or you can hop off in Lakeland and relax in the shade. 

Black Point Pirate Sock

Sunny Saturday sail date

Guatemala Sock

From a street market of Xela, Guatemala, he’s laying in wait to begin more traveling of Central America. (Maybe our first international post)

St Patrick’s Sock

No time for foolishness. 

St Patrick’s in Savannah Sock

These two were out celebrating with the crowds in Savannah, GA. 

Strip Mall Sock

Dead strip mall side of the parking lot

Gasparilla Festival Sock

He’s more sandy than salty but he wishes he were a pirate. Everyone does this weekend in Tampa