No where close to home

Pink sock

Left behind from above out of Jacksonville, she’s ready for a new adventure.

Wino Sock

This snuggling pair likes shopping for wine together 

Guest post from Lake Worth, FL

“Resting under the shade of a plant at the park in Lake Worth Fl”- Guest Post from MN, who suffered heavy mocking for her sacrificial photography efforts

Cock Sock

The roosters of Key West have a fan. This one is traveling near the Southern Most Point. 

Biker Sock

Biker wanna be traveling along the highway looking for someone to ride with

Peacock Sock

Peacock in the background watching over the Sock, or the Sock watching the Peacock?

Bush Hiding Sock

Not really the best at hiding in the bushes

Skipping Pratice

The other players might miss her, but she’s done and ready for something else


This pair seem to be in a disagreement after a visit to the local park