15 June, 2013 12:29

Couldn’t take the humidity of Florida. Had to stop and rest. Advertisements

Squished in hollywood

Struggling actor completely deflated but the Hollywood sign in the distance on the hill gives him hope


Found in her natural state of climbing succulent plants in Southern California

Rough times

Strange traveling companions

21 April, 2013 04:22

Snow bunny very happily exploring Chicago in late winter snow of April

21 April, 2013 03:50

Lives near the Red Line, Loves CTA Chicago


Traveling socks seem to like playgrounds even when they’re feeling all inside out.

6 April, 2013 02:45

Making a stand in the middle of a street in Garfield Park, Chicago

6 April, 2013 02:41

Extra long and fuzzy appropriate for Chicago cold- on her way to the smoke stacked factory in the distance

12 March, 2013 00:52

Wide mouth bass lurking on a sidewalk for prey