12 March, 2013 00:47

Nice when a couple go shopping together Advertisements

2 March, 2013 18:33

Ever so rare spotting of the elusive Methodist Unicorn- Miami is the Magic City after all.

24 February, 2013 07:40

Goodness, what did you get tangled up with?

13 February, 2013 18:20

A day at the beach is a good day

4 February, 2013 05:03

Rosman High School, Rosman, NC Can’t wait to get back to school after a weekend out.

31 January, 2013 15:55

A weekend get a way

26 January, 2013 13:49

Going to Target for a sock is like going to church- everyone there is already neatly paired up in nice packaging.

3 December, 2012 17:00

Visiting friends in Jackson

4 November, 2012 05:02

Just where you think you might find such a pair, but what you don’t know is they are planning their next big adventure

2 November, 2012 15:15

Putting the trash out reminds him he isn’t trash