Museum quality

I appreciate this but I don’t understand it. Advertisements

Pew in the foyer

Church socks are like church mice but quieter

Fraternal Twins

And it’s true, in this case at least, redheads have a temper.

Bird’s eye view of the fun

Nice to rest in the shade

Rough week

He’s thinking of asking the teal and spangled sandal to go dancing, but he needs to shower first

Socks in Service


Respite from the water fight in the distance

Ponce’, Puerto Rico No matter where in the world, I believe that socks prefer to be dry

15 June, 2013 12:29

Couldn’t take the humidity of Florida. Had to stop and rest.

Squished in hollywood

Struggling actor completely deflated but the Hollywood sign in the distance on the hill gives him hope


Found in her natural state of climbing succulent plants in Southern California