Light Pole Sock

Clothed in grass clippings and hidden by the pole, maybe he escapes today Advertisements

Barrio Sock

On the outskirts of a Guatemalan city, he went traveling after a soccer game

Tree Socks

Why?! How?! These two are on a tree. Not a branch. This was a total surprise. – Yankeetown, FL 

Pretty Fuzzy 

Inside out and outward bound 

Crosswalk Sock

Quick, cross the road

Highway Rainbow Run Sock

Quickly caught on camera from the car window, this pretty little one is heading down the highway 

Guest Post from SK in NC 

This was taken while in a 10 mile hike in NC.- SK

Amongst Grass and Leaves

On a spring morning walk.

Out of the Truck Sock

Escaped from the truck, trying to hide next to the sidewalk 

Hydrant Sock

Hopefully he knows what dogs do near hydrants