Wash and Dry Sock

Super escape sock takes the first leap away from the automat. Camouflage helps too Advertisements

Roadside ball

Winter wonderland white sock saddled up by the roadside

Guest Post- from a Beach Cleanup

Ocean gifts, Beach day, New friends, Fresh air.  Thanks for the Guest post EK

Midtown Couple

Just a couple of babes in midtown, a little shopping, some dinner, might get a couple’s massage

Scuba from Key West Sock

After a day of scuba, she went to check out the run factory and was very impressed.

No where close to home

Pink sock

Left behind from above out of Jacksonville, she’s ready for a new adventure.

Wino Sock

This snuggling pair likes shopping for wine together 

Guest post from Lake Worth, FL

“Resting under the shade of a plant at the park in Lake Worth Fl”- Guest Post from MN, who suffered heavy mocking for her sacrificial photography efforts

Cock Sock

The roosters of Key West have a fan. This one is traveling near the Southern Most Point.